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5th Jul 2014

Hi, I'm Katie (My Ign is: Bunny_Katie)I'm 12, I've recently found this server, and once I logged on,I got a greeting from everyone, And I wished from that moment to do that for other new players.I treat everyone equally,Treating them with the deepest respect, But,I only do that when they give me respect, I enjoy to say:Treat me how you want me to treat you. If someone try's to argue with me, I wont be rude and curse at them, or tell them to go away. I can deal with many situations quite easily, depending what topic they are based on.I do not tolerate being sworn at so much, I wont mind if i know they are joking, but if they went to far, I would either ignore them, or tell them to stop. I've enjoyed playing this server, for it is Fantastic! If i become staff, I would be so happy,and enjoy helping new players and the server in as many different ways possible! Thanks for taking your time in reading my application.


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Forum » Forums » Apply for Mod
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