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Joined: 3rd Jul 2014
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3rd Jul 2014

Ign: xXBlizzarDX
Irln: Joshua Scholes
Age: 12

Rank applying for: Admin, Moderator or Builder ( I am very good at building my friends rate me at 8.5 )

Why we should pick you: I am very trustworthy people think not but I don't think that matters much. I am in contact with a few youtubers that I could maybe convince on me and them making a Survival series on the server. I will be very honest about things even if I have lied about it, I have a feeling when I tell I lie I should't have and own up. I'm a very out there person, I can share details about my life to a enormous extent, but not to... You know what i'm talking about I don't need to tell you. I try to bring as much laughter and fun to chat so people laugh once and a while and start becoming more active and trustworthy towards staff members. love helping people, its something I loved since I was 5. I would ask the teachers at school if I could help after school to tidy up everyday. My elders introduce me as the Perfect role model to children. I keep everything as fun as possible even just hanging out in chat would be extremely exciting, I mean who doesn't like the funny fat guy? Huh? 
. I am also very experienced so I would be quite a good asset as I have been learning the ropes of being a staff member. I have very good techniques to find hackers. Firstly to find out if someone is using X-Ray mods or texture packs. If some suspicion is going about I will tp to the person if vanish. Once they start mining I will make a little area where I will place a diamond block. If the person/ persons find the diamond block very easily, I know they are using X-Ray. If it takes them a while to find or mine into it, I know they are innocent. I am very polite manners is something very important in my household. I will use my politeness to resolve problems ( e.g. "Could you please stop arguing ( Person/Persons) ." I hardly lose my temper I will try my hardest to keep my cool in tough situations. I will do whatever I can to help the server is many ways. May it be in coding, ( Wich I dont know anything about ) Problem resolving and much much more. I hope you chose me so I can use every bit of strength in my body to help this server become the best it can be.

Contact info: I have skype but I don't want random people calling me on the server or trying to hack me so I will gladly give you contact information if needed.

Thank you deeply for reading through my application
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