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PuffballKirby's Admin/Mini-Dev Application
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3rd Jul 2014

Hello there! My name is PuffballKirby and I would like to apply for the rank
Admin or Mini-Dev on your server. This is my information about myself and how I would help this server out.

First of all, my best talent with minecraft is moderating and working with plugins, for I configure permission nodes and set up ranks for many servers. I am an experienced minecraft player with over 3 years of servers behind me. This experience helps me make right judgements about rule-breaking, abuse and things important as picking the right plugins for the right type to server.

Second, I am a respectable member of the minecraft community, meaning I do not grief servers or abuse my power on them, but try and prevent these things from happenening. I realize the difficulties of running and maintaining a good minecraft server, but I am sure I can help this server with the skills I have.

Lastly, I will treat other players with deep respect and understanding, showing no favouritism(canadian) but making right decisions that can be hard sometimes. I wish to help with the plugin management of the server and set different ranking and configure donations too.

Thank you for reading my Staff Application, and this was PuffballKirby.

Forum » Forums » Apply for Admin.
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