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3rd Jul 2014

Name-Trevor Madison (IGN  mrmouseman)
Applying for- ive learned in life i dont always get to pick what i get so anything would be great 

Experience- I have been head admin, admin, head mod, helper and guard (person who does the jailing and stuff}
Why i am applying- For 3 months straight i have been on a quest. I will get to what it is later. Anyway, i started mc back in 1.3.2 and LOVED it. I say loved instead of love because over the past year or so more  and more hackers, spammers and general morons are ruining the community. Back to my quest; I have been looking for a server that has a community without hackers. So far ive had no luck. I found this server and it looks great! I dont want this server turning into all the rest. This is why im applying-to try and prevent the transformation of a great server to a terrible one.
Forum » Forums » Apply for Admin.
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