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Joined: 5th Aug 2014
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5th Aug 2014

IRL Name: Nick
Age: 14
Why I want to become an Admin? : I've been playing on the server for awhile and i like the community. So I decided to build the survival spawn (Some Staff members said it will be in use soon.) Because of that i earned the builder rank. With the builder rank i got to explore the server even more and get to know some people better and I got to help out the server. I now want to help out the server with greater things then builds now, like advertising, helping keep the server safe from spamming, griefing, etc. The best way for me to do this is with the Admin rank.
Why I think I'm Deserving Of Admin: Like i said earlier i built the survival spawn. I am very active on the server. I made friends with most the people, and most of all I have alot of experience with minecraft and being a staff member on servers. This is all of why i think i deserve Admin.

P.S. Sorry for the grammer errors

Thank you, -Bacca4life
Forum » Forums » Apply for Admin.
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